Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 2 of DNC Convention In 5 Bullet Points

Donald promised a blockbuster convention show, instead, he delivered a dud. By contrast, the DNC has quietly produced an amazing convention so far. You don't get to escape a night without tears of inspiration, love, and a shared sense of, 'we will get this done'.
  1. Roll Call: Whereas the RNC created obscure rules to restrict voting during roll call, the DNC maintained standard traditions and gave delegates (states) the right to vote in whatever way they so chose, as highlighted by those who preferred to abstain from casting their vote. 
  2. Party Unity: The campaigns of Hillary and Bernie came up with a brilliant political move overnight. Vermont deferred its votes to the end of roll call, to allow Bernie Sanders to speak at the end:

  3. The Stars Keep Coming Out: Yesterday it was Demi Lovato and Paul Simon singing. Today, one of my personal favorite R&B newcomers, Andra Day, delivered her inspirational, "Rise Up", and later, Alicia Keys sung, "Superwoman". This is very unlike any previous convention. Don't believe me? Watch the montage:

  4. The Party of Inclusion, Continued: Today, we were reminded that police officers are also Democrats, and that Black Lives Matter are also Democrats, and that even those who weren't Democrats were also welcome.
  5. "One Is Real, The Other Is Made Up": Bill Clinton delivered. He made the case of the candidate who spent her whole life helping those who needed help, compared to the candidate who's in it for himself and has never shown an ability to stand up for others. This is the message going forward, without a doubt.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Day 1 of DNC Convention In 6 Bullet Points

  1. Party Unity: Bernie Sanders supporters Senator Jeff Merkley, Representative Keith Ellison, and Sarah Silverman all spoke out for the need to come together, and their own reasons why they're supporting Hillary. Bernie Sanders, as closer, said, "Hillary Clinton must become the next President of the United States." 
  2. A Party of Inclusion and Hillary The Fighter: Speaker after speaker, whether Jason Collins, the first openly gay NBA player, or cerebral palsy sufferer Anastasia Somoza, or little Karla Ortiz, who fears that she'll be separated from her parents via deportation, spoke about how Hillary has personally invested in them and supported them. 
  3. A Party of Shared Values: As Liz Warren said, "Equal means equal." As Keith Ellison explained, we all believe in climate change, in the rights of women, in support of children, and the rights of all to marry. As Sanders noted, the strength of the Democratic Party is in its diversity -- it makes us all better people and our nation stronger.
  4. Future Stars of the Democratic Party: Who are the future superstars of the Democratic Party? Cory Booker, Liz Warren and Michelle Obama offered such moving prose, you could see the tears in the eyes of many, followed with a vision of hope for a bright future. Sanders was spectacular, balancing the needs of his supporters with the need to support Hillary. But wow, Michelle Obama surely could have her own political career!
  5. Bernie's World: Not only did Bernie receive 100% more and louder applause than Donald, he brought the house down. He spoke about the progressive values that he and Hillary shared, the plans they've made together to shape the DNC platform, and the importance of his movement for the future of America.
  6. The Antidote To The RNC Convention: In a single day the DNC Convention completely flattened the fear, anger, and dystopian world view that was the RNC. More loving tears from inspiration were shed in one day at the DNC Convention than were shed in four days of the RNC Convention. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 4 of RNC Convention, The Wheels Come Off.

  • With exception of Ivanka Trump and Thomas Barrack, everyone else yelled, screamed, projected shrill anger. It wasn't about 'Make America One'; it was about Anger, Fear, Loathing, and Revenge for the Fallen. The night was capped by Donald yelling for about 1 1/2 hours about Anger, Fear, Loathing, and Revenge for the Fallen.
  • Yesterday he spooked Europe and Asia, and tonight he doubled down by telling our friends that America is going to harken back to 'America First' and the pre-WWII isolationist. It is eerily spooky, if you know a little bit about US history, as Donald looks and sounds a lot like Herbert Hoover:
    • Rich Republican guy who had never previously held elected office;
    • Ran on the belief that government was inefficient and wasteful;
    • His appeal to Southern Whites resulted in Black Americans bolting to the Democratic Party;
    • The moment he was elected, he pulled back American military to the US;
    • Despite our friends waging war, he kept the US on the sidelines;
    • He signed the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act, effectively slashing foreign trade and making goods more expensive.
  • Nearly all of the music played during the convention, came from British artists, including The Rolling Stones, The Clash, Queen, and Elton John. No kidding. Make America Great Again, my ass.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Day 3 of RNC Convention in 4 bullet points

This disaster keeps growing, and I'm being polite. Conservative bloggers are going harsh on what's happening. The implosion is happening, right now.
  • It was supposed to be about 'Make America One Again'. Instead, it was 'Trumpworld or bust', again, focused more on Hillary than on Donald.
  • If there was any doubt that the GOP is no longer the GOP, all you had to do was watch Ted Cruz speak. He spoke about traditional GOP values, and he got booed. He was the only guy who talked directly to the theme of 'Make America One Again', about the rights of everyone, whether gay, straight, black, white, rich or poor, and he got booed! The GOP is now the White Power Party, looking to consolidate its power. If you had any doubt, when Cruz mentioned Alton Sterling, the convention seemed either not to care or know about Sterling, as if his life was irrelevant. They hated Ted Cruz so much, his wife had to be escorted out by security. 
  • The highlight was supposed to be Mike Pence. The RNC didn't bother producing videos to introduce him to America; accordingly, he spent a lot of time talking about himself. Weird, right? Of all the speakers, he probably did the best job of talking up Donald and delivered where others failed. But this Donald's campaign, and as such...
  • Donald continued to distract away from his own convention. He told the media in interviews in Cleveland that, contrary to NATO's core, he would require a litmus test on whether or not to come to another member's defense; no point to having NATO, then, as Russia can simply strategically attack lesser NATO countries as it sees fit while Nero fiddles.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 2 of GOP Convention, in 5 bullet points

Tonight, it seems that nothing went as planned. In other words, it sure looked a lot like a Donald J Trump convention. No big gaffes like last night's plagiarism + rickroll, but it was nonetheless probably a disaster when measured against the RNC's goals.
  • The first half of the day was delegate counting day, leading to the official party nomination. Utah and Alaska had contentious moments when the RNC chair overruled Utah's chair who'd announced 40 delegates for Cruz, while Alaska called for a recount of its votes as had been announced by the RNC chair, only to have its votes switched all to Donald. Ohio was mad as hell yesterday; will Ohio, Utah and Alaska Republicans choose to stay at home?
  • Just how unpopular is the RNC Establishment? Mitch McConnell got boos all three times his name was mentioned. His own speech drew very few cheers, even as he attacked Hillary and Obama. When Reince Priebus spoke to the crowd about the rules, he pretty much was ignored.
  • It was supposed to be about 'Make America Work Again', but rather than making the case for GOP policies, most of the speakers talked either about their personal priorities or about Hillary. Donald's name was barely mentioned. 
    • Chris Christie talked about how he'd prosecute Hillary if he's made Attorney General;
    • Ben Carson tried to link Saul Alinsky and Lucifer to Hillary;
    • Mike Mukasey talked about Hillary's crimes (which by the way, maybe people forgot that AG Mukasey defended the use of waterboarding).
  • Thus, instead of establishing the case for Donald through the theme of, 'Make America Work Again', the clear message from the Republican Party was, 'You have to pick our guy because Hillary'. That's an attempt to solidify the base as opposed to expanding the base. The GOP are in big trouble and their actions reflect so.
  • The RNC really didn't want the press to comment on tonight's events. They turned up the volume of music between speakers so high, that all of the news outlets had difficulty hearing each other and speaking.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 1 of GOP Convention, in 6 bullet points

A quick summary of the GOP Convention's day 1:
  • Bitter parents of dead people, regardless of culpability, blame Democrats for their deaths (one even blamed Democrats for a death that occurred when George W Bush was President);
  • Had laws been written to the liking of Republicans and thus carried out, we would have stopped terrorism and murders in the US (apparently we can simply ignore that the two worst terrorist attacks since WW-II were under Ronald Reagan and George W Bush);
  • Republicans believe Hillary killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya (despite the conclusion of 7 partisan investigations that state otherwise);
  • The Establishment wasn't very popular, made evident when Mitch McConnell's name drew boos and the fact that they had to do two voice votes on rules for the 2020 primary season;
  • When the convention opened, the arena was 1/4 filled; at its peak, the arena was slightly more than 2/3rds full (which could only be discerned if the camera was trained away from the main floor area, and the chanting was weaker than anything heard during a basketball game at the Quicken Loans Arena;
  • Donald, calling into Fox News (O'Reilly), essentially interrupted his convention to speak about himself -- that's soooo Donald.
I didn't dare watch the entire day, of course, as much of the stuff that goes on during the day is a waste of eyeballs. The primetime stuff is weakly usable to help understand the strategy of the GOP. Weak on star power (as most of them have declined to participate), the GOP have decided to attempt to use (relatively) unknown people as a means to relate average Americans as disenchanted with Democrats. Of course, that seems odd given that Republicans have controlled Congress and the White House far longer than Democrats, effecting their brand of governance and intransigence over those short periods of Democratic control.

ADD: The news is blowing up (and the social media mockery pouring in) on Melania Trump's speech because of #rickroll and #plagiarism. Ouch.